Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Good Day to be Alive and Running!

Today, Saturday, it was a pleasant surprise when Maryann and Chris joined Emma, Ewen, Andy and me for about 4km for the start of our run from the War Memorial down to the ferry terminal. It was a stunning morning. There were hot air balloons floating above us and indeed one of them had landed very near us and they were gradually pulling it up in the air again. It was huge close up! It was the kind of day when it is frustrating not carrying a camera! The temperature wasn't too hot and the sun was out in a blue sky - a gorgeous Autumn day in the nation's capital.

We joined speeygeoff and his metro runners at the ferry terminal and proceeded to run round the West Basin of Lake Burley Griffin before returning to the ferry terminal. Ewen and I were a bit behind the others although Emma ran with Chelsea (a new starter) and after starting out fast Chelsea found that she had to walk some of the way as she had not been training for long distances. They did set a cracking pace when they were running though. Ewen stopped to walk after exactly 20km and Andy and speedygeoff ran with me for another km before Geoff turned back. Andy and I walked the last little bit back up to the War Memorial where Ewen joined us soon afterwards.
Total distance: 21.3km
Time taken: 2hr 19mins
Average pace per km: 6:30
We walked from the War Memorial carpark to Gorman House Markets to meet up with Liz and try somewhere different for coffee. The actual restaurant wasn't open so we had coffee out of paper cups and the cake was nothing to write home about! However, it was very pleasant sitting outside with good friends amongst the pretty shady trees watching the sights of the second hand market place - fun!

Wednesday 23 Feb
Gym and abs class in the morning and a run with Ewen, Emma and Andy just before 6pm. We ran from Parliament House to the ferry terminal and on round the museum and through the university grounds. I felt sluggish and the run was difficult for me. I think after a couple of hard running sessions on Monday and Tuesday my body was suffering a bit.
Distance: 12km
Thursday 24 Feb
I decided against going to track tonight as my legs were still slow and my body tired. It is supposed to be my easy week after all. Instead I ran from home in the early evening incorporating a Fartlek session of 2 x 60secs fast/60secs float followed by 2 x 30secs fast/30secs float repeated.
Total distance: 13km


  1. Yes, it was a beautiful morning. A pleasure to be out, and taking it nice and easy to savour all the sights.

    I stopped at exactly 20k because I'm a slave to my programme ;)

  2. I agree you had to bring with you the camera to show us the air balloons.
    I like the Ewen's comment: I am also and forever slave to my program!!!