Monday, February 28, 2011

Veterans Monthly Handicap at North Curtin

The monthly handicap was held yesterday on a pleasant Sunday morning at 8.30am. It was a similar course to the YCRC summer series run a couple of weeks ago with an uphill start of about 2.5km before we ran on cycle tracks mainly on the flat. I found there was a bit too much concrete for my liking and I actually preferred the other course but I always enjoy the handicap runs because it is a great opportunity to catch up with everyone.
I didn't get off to a very good start as we cut the timing a bit fine and I had very little time for a warm up before the race. I felt ok in spite of the lack of warm up and managed to come in ahead of Caroline and Ewen - woo hoo!
Handicap: 25
Total distance: 6.2km
Time taken: 34:43
Average pace per km: 5:36
Finish place: 69th (out of 104)
Calories burned: 366
After the run some of us headed for Manuka where we finally found a table big enough for 12 of us to have coffee and in same cases brunch together. It was great company but a very long wait for service!
Total distance for easy week: 72.5km
Monday - Start of a New Week - Six Weeks to Marathon!
Focus for next three weeks - Anaerobic Threshold and Race Preparation
This morning I tried a new class at the gym which included drills - high knees, butt kicks, lunges etc and a few jogs back and forth across the gym floor. This was followed by a boxing session. I have never done a boxing class before and it was great fun, a really good upper body workout. We worked in pairs learning about sparring, undercuts etc and later in the session had to do push ups and lunges inbetween bouts. It was tough, challenging but a really good workout.
At 5.15pm I arrived at Parliament House for the speedygeese session. I just had time for an extra lap round PH before the start of the session at 5.30pm. We ran our usual warm up loop before heading for the oval where we were divided into teams of three with a fast, medium fast and slower runner in each team. We then ran 360m undulating loops with the fastest runner leaving first while the slowest runner did a gentle loop on the same course. The first runner tagged the second runner who on their return tagged the third runner who than ran the course fast. We ran solidly for 30minutes - another good workout. We finished with a warm up loop of PH running in and out of the trails.
Total distance including warm up: 10.5km

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  1. I hope the handicapper is reading this and notes HOW FAR ahead of me you finished ;) By the way, I'm not a burglar - haven't stolen anything and don't intend to!