Monday, February 21, 2011

Speedygeese on Fire!

....Not literally of course but the first day of my "easy" week turned out to be a tough session! I only ran the 5.30pm session as my training schedule is for less kms this week. We started with a couple of warm-up loops before heading for the grassy bank at the front of PH, for a similar session to last week. We were divided into teams of three but this time we had a fast, medium fast and slow person in each team to try to equalise the abilities of each team, a bit like the sprint marathon relay teams. I was in a team with Craig and Abi but half way through the 30minutes main speed session, speedygeoff took over from Abi who was very sore.
We each in turn had to run down the diagonals on the grass and up the long straight hills to the poles to tag the next team member. It was tough and during the short break as we were waiting to be tagged we jogged across the short straight at the top. The downhills were great and fast but the steep uphills were tough. It was an excellent workout however.
We finished with a long warm-down loop in and out of the trails of PH.
Total distance: 8.5km


  1. Hi Strewthie.. are you having a bit of a Senior's moment there? It was Abi who you teamed with and who I subbed for. Which is why we nearly came last in the end: she's a bit quicker than I am.

  2. I thought it was Abi too. Unless Suzy has gotten taller and changed her running style.

  3. Ok guys definitely a seniors moment - I have them often. All fixed now! Thanks for the pick up:)