Monday, February 14, 2011

Training on Valentine's Day

6.15am - Cross training class at gym. This is a new class for me and included some boxing, running, drills and today an assessment of our fitness. I was by far the oldest in the class and am proud to say that after 5 minutes doing the plank (core strength) the trainer told me to stop as the next best was 3 minutes and in the wall squats (leg strength) I held mine for 3mins - a minute ahead of the others. I managed 48 push ups on my toes in 1 minute, however my flexibility (eg sit and reach and abs sit ups) is terrible! My bodyfat was 18.9% (again the lowest in the all-female class) so I was happy with that. It was quite interesting and an assessment like this is given every few months.
After the hour's class I spent 30mins doing some more upper body strength work and stretches.
4.35pm - I was a little late for the early warm-up but met Kat and Ewen in the Parliament House carpark and we ran together down to the lake where, after 3km, we met up with Geoff and Craig on their return and we turned around and returned to PH with them.
5.30pm - We met up with the other speedygeese back at the carpark and after our warm up loops we ran to the grassy bank in the front of PH and divided into teams of three to run up and down the diagonals and straights like a relay team. We basically had to run hard for 30mins with a short break while waiting for our next team member. I was in a team with Caroline and Mike. It was hard work and my legs felt a bit tight after all the running over the past few days but I completed the session and after this we had a long warm down running down to the lake to touch the water and run back again. Andy and I ran 200m more just to round up my distance!
Total distance: 15km
Calories burned: 894
Weeks to go to Marathon = 8


  1. WOW! I'm worn out just reading your Valentine's Day training! You are one very fit runner!

    Thanks for the warning about running before daylight; I don't think I'll do that again!

  2. You're superfit, what core strength! I'm easily the best at my gym when the group I train with do the plank, and do wall squats, but you leave me for dead in both. Good job.

  3. I'll give you the punch in the guts ab test tomorrow.

    By the way, you forgot about Katherine!

  4. Yikes! Is it really only 8 weeks til the marathon?! I'd better start training.

  5. Nearly right Ewen. Caroline. It was Caroline she forgot about.