Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Summer Series Race at North Curtin

Early this morning I went to the pool and swum for 1200m. It was great cross training for the sore legs. Later Teddy and I walked for an hour to loosen up the legs a bit more before heading out to North Curtin for the YCRC Summer Series 5km race. I arrived in plenty of time for a 4km warm up but I did make the mistake of following the cones up, up the hill for a couple of km - not an easy warm up. However, the weather was perfect - cloud cover and slightly cool to start.
I saw Kym, Caroline and Susan at the race and ran ahead of Caroline and Susan for the first half but Susan caught me at the top of the long, long hill and stayed ahead on the downhill coming in two places in front of me at the end. However, I did pass Ian on the downhill and came in just ahead of him - speedygeoff would be happy with me!
The first half of the run was a steady uphill climb for 2.5km mainly on a cycle track but the second half was nearly all downhill on a rough dirt track which was great except I had to watch my footing which slowed me down a little. It started and ended on the freshly mowed oval. I ran one second slower than last week's race which pleased me as it was a lot tougher. After the race Susan and I ran a 3km cool down.
Distance of race: 5km
Time taken: 26:19
Average pace per km: 5:15
Place: 61st (78 finishers)
Total distance including warm up and cool down: 12km

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  1. Glad I wasn't there - you would have thrashed me again!