Saturday, February 05, 2011

This morning Jen rode her bike beside me as I ran down to the lake from the War Memorial heading for the ferry terminal to meet up with the Metro Runners. Andy met us there and we met up with Ewen a little later. Jen rode with us all the way as we ran, in very humid sticky conditions, towards Molonglo Reach for 5km before turning and running back to the ferry terminal where the majority of Metro Runners left us as they had run their 10km. The lovely Emma P joined us as we ran to and round the museum and on for another 4km before turning again and heading back to the War Memorial, leaving Emma and Andy there to join us later for coffee.
The Metro Runners are a delightful group of young university students who run with speedygeoff on Saturday mornings, gradually increasing their distance each week. We stopped at the carillon for some water and this is where a few of us took advantage of the photo opportunity on our iphones!
At just under the 9km mark my garmin decided to give up on me telling me my database was full and I had to delete some runs. Instead of stopping to do that I relied on Geoff's garmin to let me know the distance. He ran the rest of the way with me and my total distance was 28km as planned. However, I do not have the pace (which was slow) or the calories burned. Never mind, the distance is what really matters for those long runs.
Total distance: 28km
After the run Jen, CJ, Andy, Emma, Ewen and I enjoyed a lovely coffee break and some cold drinks while speedygeoff ran back to the ferry terminal. Phew, it was so hot. I really need to start much earlier to try to avoid some of that humidity.


  1. Someone is missing from that iPhone opportunity!

    And you made a mistake... didn't Speedygeoff say it was 28.16k?

    P.S. You forgot to title this post. CJ would say it's a Speedygeoff moment ;)

  2. I'm sure that is what CJ would have said ;)

  3. Well run Strewth. It sure was hot and sticky out there today.

  4. What a beautiful day: a very long distance run, the time to take a pic and a coffee with the running friends.
    Ahhh Garmin-addicted!!! I use it only to measure the distances and while racing.