Monday, February 21, 2011

Good times, good friends, great weekend!

Here are a few photos taken on my iphone at Stromlo on Saturday at the age handicap 7.5km race.
  • speedycoach - an inspiration to all of us
  • Rad - oldest finisher at 82 years young
  • Maria, Michelle and Liz after a brilliant race

Yesterday, Sunday, I walked and ran with Teddy later in the day after a busy weekend. My beautiful grandchildren stayed over and my eldest daughter came from Sydney for the night too. In the morning I had fun at Jen's baby shower at breakfast in Pialligo and met up with Mr B and the children at the park afterwards.
At 4.20pm Teddy and I ran for 3.5km and had fun seeking out undiscovered tracks and running in and out of the drains (Teddy that is, not me - I just leapt over them). We walked another couple of kms home before I left for my 5km run plus 6 x 100m strides before hurrying home to shower and meet friends at a local restaurant for dinner. It was a lovely weekend - friends, family, good food and plenty of exercise!
Distance of run with Teddy: 3.5km
Distance of run on own: 6.4km (incl strides)
Average pace per km of 5km run: 5:53 (29mins)
Total distance for week: 103.4km (yay!)
I am now up to an easy week and have less kms to run before picking up again next week.
This morning, Monday, I spent a couple of hours at the gym doing some strength work on my upper body, abs and legs. I also enjoyed a pleasant breakfast. A new week has begun! Seven weeks to the marathon - not that I'm counting!!


  1. Good grief, how do you do all that in one day!? AND 103.4km for the week! No worries for the marathon!

    Great pics, Strewth!

  2. 46 days, 17 hours and 15 minutes to go!