Friday, March 16, 2012

Bitsy Runs

First thing in the morning I ran with Teddy to the groomer and ran home again to change and head to Tilleys to meet a friend. It was a warm, sunny day.
Total distance: 5km
In the early evening I went to track to run some more kms with company as part of the training and not to achieve any great times. I was also very aware that on Sunday I have entered the Weston Creek Half Marathon and should not be running hard at this stage. I ran a short warm up and then found myself lining up for the start of the 3000m with no intention of racing it. In fact I ran the entire race with Ken E's company and taking it anything but seriously. I really enjoyed running it this way - no heavy breathing, no sore legs and feeling very relaxed. I couldn't have done it without company and someone behind or in front of me at all times telling me just to stay at the same steady pace.
Distance: 3000m 
Time taken: 16:50:64 (probably a PW for this season but a good tempo training run)
Average pace per km: 5:40
In the same race Kathy S broke the Australian W55 record in a time of 11:12:51 which was 93.4% in the age percentile rating - amazing!
The next event was the 2000m handicap walk. I was given a handicap of 6mins 15secs and felt quite comfortable.
Distance of walk: 2000m
Time taken: 14:20
The last event of the evening was the 7 lap spiral handicap and I had handicap of 27. I ran this as well as I could but I wasn't in contention to win a place in the pointscore so felt fairly comfortable.
Distance: Just under 3000m
Time taken: 15:39
Average pace per km: 5:18
Total distance for day (including runs inbetween events): 14km
I started the day with a run around the suburb heading for Gungahlin. It was cool and very pleasant at 8am and I enjoyed the run.
Total distance: 8km
I also enjoyed a remedial massage in Kingston after my run - sore in parts but it felt so good. This was followed by a delightful lunch and beautiful coffee at Kingston Grind with two good friends and a quick look in Lululemon before heading to Fyshwick to check out singlet availability for our Canberra Marathon Griffin singlets - fingers crossed we will be able to run in them in four weeks time!

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  1. The pace for your 3000 was close to 5:37 per k - good tempo pace.

    Have fun tomorrow. Goodnight.