Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Autumn Winds!

On Sunday it was Cathy's birthday and Mr B and I went to visit her with a gluten free "cat" birthday cake.
Monday - gym and speedygeese
At last the rain stopped and the sun came smiling through in style. It was a gorgeous day which included a gym session, a lovely long walk with Teddy and a speedygeese session.
Today was my very last visit to Club Pink having moved my membership over to Club Lime. I therefore ensured I did a really good workout and covered everything on my plan for upper body work and abs after a warm up on the cross trainer.
It was therefore quite a surprise when at training tonight our main session included a circuit on the grassy west side oval. Yelena and I arrived early enough just to run a couple of kms with speedycoach before the main warm up session. This was fortunate as my program required 11km and we ran fewer kms than usual in the main session as 20 minutes of the session involved exercises and sprints. The five exercise stations were crunches, squats, push-ups, lunges, and calf raises, some of which I had already done in the morning's gym session! We started with one exercise at each station and increased by one each time we repeated.
It was lots of fun and I managed to achieve 10 sets which pleased me after the morning's hard workout.. We finished with a warm down and then I ran a further few kms to make my total distance just 1km short for the day.
Total distance: 11km

Tuesday - Two Runs Day
8.30am - Tuesday Group from Black Mountain Peninsula.
Today's run was from the peninsula to Haig Park. I ran partly with Margaret and mainly with Marilyn and we ran a little detour round Haig Park which was extremely soggy and squelchy underfoot. We celebrated three birthdays today (a 78th, 74th and 72nd) with cake and champagne in plentiful supply!
Total distance: 10km
YCRC Summer Series Run at Acton Ferry Terminal - 6.15pm
I arrived early enough to run 2km as a warm up for the run this afternoon. Although it was flat there was a cross wind going out and a huge puddle of water across the path just before the half way mark which was worse to try to avoid as the grass was muddy, slippery and sloshy. On the return I just ran straight through the puddles. It was quicker, fun and I was muddy anyway. I should have done that on the way out to save a few seconds! I was not last but near the back spot. Everybody seems to be faster than they used to be or am I just slowing down even more?
Distance for race: 5km
Time taken: 27:11
Average pace per km: 5:26
Total distance for day: 17km

Wednesday - Gym and BBQ Stakes Race
9.30am - Gym
This was my first time at Club Lime and I decided to try out the local one in Kaleen. I arrived just in time for a cross training class so decided to try it out just for fun. It turned out to be a very aerobic warm up to music, where I was pretty uncoordinated, followed by a circuit session with lots of stations with a different exercise at each one - a little like Monday's speedygeese session only on a larger scale - 60seconds on each station can seem a long time when you are doing tricep dips, knees ups, kick backs or sit ups as a few examples. The one station where you ran round and round the gym was a pleasant relief! At the end of the session we did abs exercises and stretches.
This was 45minutes of quite hard work and I was a bit worried about the run to follow.
12.20pm - BBQ Stakes
Today, being the first Wednesday in the month, the run was in the opposite direction to usual and the conditions were difficult. This is supposed to be the start of Autumn but oh boy it was cold and windy and quite unpleasant running today. The hills felt steep and the wind was nasty, especially when it was a head wind. There was also lots of muddy puddles and slushy grass on the way and it was really slippery in parts. I had to keep stopping myself from slipping over - not easy at times.
Total distance: 6km (race)
Time taken: 36:20
Average pace per km: 6:01
Total distance for day with warm up and warm down of 3km each: 12km
I ran the warm up with Jen and the warm down with Jen and Richard very slowly!
We did enjoy a great lunch later in Philip at The Chocolate Olive - yummo!
Dessert at Chocolate Olive - half berry cake and half cinnamon apple cake divided by cream!


  1. There is always someone who does a circuit the day we do a circuit. This has happened before.

  2. I noticed you finished just behind that lady in the blue shirt on Tuesday. She's much younger than you though.

    Nice baking job on CJ's cake. You must have been doing a handstand when you uploaded that bottom photo - it's upside down.