Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Deja Vu

Tuesday Group - Black Mountain Peninsula
This morning Jen joined us on our run from Black Mountain. We ran past Scrivener Dam to the 5.5km mark then turned and ran back. The start time has been moved back to 9.15am now that the supposedly cooler weather has started. Actually the last few days have been superb. Perhaps we are experiencing a late summer! We celebrated two birthdays today - a 60th and a 65th - more champagne and cake!
Total distance: 11km
6.15pm Summer Series - Black Mountain Peninsula
Yes, back to Black Mountain Peninsula for the YCRC run tonight. I managed a run around the course with Geoff and Ewen before the race and made it up to 2km. The run was a 3 lapped course over the grass which was long, hiding all the hidden potholes - a hidden trap for turning ankles. It was also quite hot even at that time of day. I found the race really hard work. I kept watching my footing and I managed a PW for this season - oh dear, not good:( My tummy felt bad throughout the entire run. Note to self: Do NOT indulge in cake and champagne after Tuesday group run - it does not have a good effect!
After the run I ran a 2km warm down with Maria with Ewen and Geoff ahead and running a little further.
Distance of race: 5km
Time taken: 29:33
Average pace per km: 5:54
Total distance for day with warm up and warm down: 20km

This morning it was off to the local gym for an upper body work out after a 15min warm up on the cross trainer. 
At lunch time I ran a couple of kms warm up with Jen before the BBQ Stakes run. It was hot and I was so slow. I didn't realise I was as slow as I was until I looked at my watch as I ran over the finish line - oops! Jen and I ran just over 2km for a cool down to give me my total for the day.
Distance of race: 6km
Time taken: 37:15
Average pace per km: 6:13
Total distance for day: 10km

I'm becoming a tad worried about the half marathon on Sunday. I'm not running well at all at the moment:( There is no chance to taper as it will be treated as just part of my training for the marathon. Tomorrow night is track although it probably wouldn't be wise to race the events so I might just treat them as tempo runs. Here's hoping the forecast for storms doesn't come about. It always seems to rain on a Thursday night!


  1. I see you did treat them as tempo runs! If not, 3 races in 3 days in the week of a half marathon doesn't sound like sensible training ;) I noticed Speedygeoff was just jogging around tonight. I guess he's worried about getting flogged by Andy.

  2. Speedygeoff has a plan to finish his 50 kms before Strewth finishes the marathon in April. Still have my money on Speedy. The training plan for Strewth needs revision for next year.

    1. I agree. Spend 9 months getting speed back. Drop the long runs while doing it.

  3. Ewen and Two Fruits - Of course speedygeoff will finish his 50km before my marathon. He has been running for 50 years and is a male with natural ability who is dedicated to his running just like you two. I think there is some confusion as to why I run. I run for the sheer enjoyment, the health benefits and the social aspect. I do not run for sheep stations even though I'm a kiwi! Of course it would be lovely to be a little faster but I enjoy my long runs so I guess that will never happen! No way am I going to drop my long runs although they will be probably be a lot shorter when I'm not marathon training. Sure, I could follow an intense training program but that would mean giving up a lot of the events where for me the lifelong friendships are far more important than running fast on my own. I don't want to lose all the pleasure of running and therefore lose all the motivation too!

    1. Thanks for the tip. I'll put my money on Speedygeoff then - he's paying $1.20 at Sportsbet.

      Don't worry about 2Fs and me - we like to fantasize about coaching different runners. I'm sure I could turn Jana Pittman into a good 800m runner but she probably wouldn't enjoy it ;-)

  4. No Strewthy, I won't be pushing the pace, I want to finish! When your marathon is over, please jog back and help me over the line. It's only fair return for when I did so for you today in the Half.

    1. LOL - if that happens speedygeoff it will be a pleasure, providing I don't have a sudden change of heart and continue on to the 50km myself (very unlikely) and thank you for the encouraging run/chat towards the end of my run. It's always nice to have help over that last tough bit and I know Cookie appreciated it too:)