Monday, March 12, 2012

Ewen scores a century and so do I!

Ewen having achieved 100 runs in 100 days!

speedygeoff and Ewen after "the streak"

Yesterday, Sunday, I drove to Stromlo Forest Park to witness Ewen running his 100th run in 100 consecutive days. Cathy achieved this goal three days ago and Ewen is very close on her tail. Speedygeoff is also on a running streak and is now over 70 runs. Me - I am comfortable and feel more confident of staying relatively injury-free taking one rest day a week. I think it is amazing to be able to run every single day without a break.
Stromlo was lovely. The grass was spongy underfoot and the weather was cloudy, a bit humid but really pleasant for running, especially at the pace I was going! speedyAndrew and speedyLucia ran 4 x 1km intervals at just under or over 4min km pace on the undulating terrain. Ewen, Geoff and I ran their warm down loops in between each km and ran part of the loops slowly while they were running fast. We also ran a full loop at the start and end to make up the distance. Ewen and I ran 12km and Geoff ran a few more after we finished. I don't think I would have done that without company so was very happy with the result and also with the fact that I had the rest of the day free and it was still mid-morning! Thank you boys:)
Total: 12km
Total for week: 100km - yes, another century scored!


  1. Congratulations on another 100k, strewth! That's amazing! Like you, I can't imagine being able to run every day with no breaks....I need 1 day off for every day of running....I must be getting old!!

  2. Thank you girl! Good pics. Congrats on your 100k. By the way, it's more than 100 runs for me as I ran twice on some days. I still haven't caught CJ though!