Sunday, March 25, 2012

Vets' Monthly Handicap at Stromlo Forest Park

This morning I did not have a very fortuitous start to the day as I woke naturally to discover I had set the alarm for 6.45PM instead of 6.45AM. This only put me half an hour behind but it did mean I ate my breakfast a little closer to the run than I normally would like to do. 
It was also very cold early in the morning and it was important to run a warm up when I arrived. Jen ran a 2km warm up with me before I started in Group 18. Once warmed up I felt a lot better although my hamstring was a bit stiff and sore. There were a few people still complaining about the cold but I would much rather run in cooler conditions than when it's piping hot. It was an undulating double out and back course but the surface felt great underfoot and it wasn't too bad although I was pretty slow on the uphills. I managed a little sprint over the finish line as I was starting to feel stronger by then. It takes a while!
Distance: 8km
Time taken: 47:27
Average pace per km: 5:48
Finish Place: 26th (out of 89 finishers)
Total distance for day: 10km

Total distance for week: 102km

After the run Mr B and I joined Jen, Ewen, Andy and Anna for coffee at Lava in Western Creek. It was very pleasant and relaxing. Later it turned into a very pleasant sunny Autumn day which I spent mainly inside clearing everything out of our main bedroom in order for Mr B to paint the walls and for a new carpet to be laid after the ensuite is finished. I have accumulated so much since we had our extension done in 1986. It's well and truly time for a major clean out!
There's now only three weeks until marathon day. How is this possible? Eeeek!

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  1. Less than 3 weeks! 19 days, 12 hours ;-)