Thursday, March 01, 2012

Autumn Showers (or is that floods)!

This area is usually grass - just a little water around today!

Oops, I can't run any further on this path. The water is knee deep at least!
Storm water drain overflowing - this is where Teddy usually has a drink. Today he would be swimming in a very fast flowing stream of water!

The rain continued to bucket down all night long and this morning it was still bleak but the rain had briefly eased to a steady drizzle when I decided to go for my run. We were advised that the track session was cancelled tonight due to the continuous rainfall so it was safer to run while there was a very slight break in the weather. 
I ran down towards Gungahlin but as I reached the tunnel realised I could go no further. I had already been ankle deep in puddles but suddenly the water was up to my calves so I turned back and ran over the road instead of under it. 
I have never seen so much flooding on the road. The water through the tunnel went on well onto the cycle path on the other side and the grass beside the path was flooding with water. The stormwater drains were all overflowing and my shoes were heavy with water as I couldn't avoid the deep puddles on the way. If I ran on the grass it was muddy and soggy and when I ran on the path I kept sinking ankle deep into puddles. It was an interesting run and as I was so wet and muddy anyway I just ran through the puddles splashing and actually quite enjoying myself. I also warmed up and wrapped my spray jacket round my waist. I must admit I got some very strange looks as the rain became heavier and I was laughing!

After a 10minute warm up I ran fartlek intervals as follows: 
  • 2 x 60secs hard/60secs float
  • 4 x 30secs hard/60secs float
  • 2 x 60secs hard/60secs float
  • 4 x 30secs hard/30secs float
Then I ran steadily home jumping in puddles!
Total distance: 12km
Time taken: 1hr 14mins
Average pace per km: 6:14
Calories burned: 658
Gee, the hot shower afterwards felt so good and then it was off to a most enjoyable lunch with a friend at Cream in the city.
Sprint marathon relay team finish
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  1. Oh WOW! Those photos are amazing! I had no idea the floods were so bad in Canberra! Do be extra careful where you run,strewth; no accidents, please!