Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Three weeks to marathon and taper begins!

Monday speedygeese
The speedygeese session tonight was another circuit session. We were making the most of a gorgeous Autumn sunny day. There won't be any more opportunities to do this session until Spring comes around as daylight savings ends this coming weekend.
We ran a loop of Parliament House and then headed for the spongy grass oval to do a 20 minute battle-camp circuit. It was 20 minutes of sprints, crunches, squats, sit-ups and lunges. Then we ran a warm down loop of PH. It wasn't a long session but it was intensive.
Total distance: 6km

Tuesday group
Summer series has ended so Tuesday group was the only run for the day. Jen had her last opportunity to join me before returning to work next week. Margaret has hurt her back and is unable to run at the moment so I was lucky to have company. We ran from Black Mountain peninsula to the arboretum and back. It was very undulating and also very scenic - lovely views from up there and very green from the recent rain.
Total distance: 12km
It was lovely to catch up with Carol and Cathy M later. Carol has entered the marathon and is bound to be very fast out there. She also brought along the most delicious little tiramisu cupcakes - yummo!

Wednesday - BBQ Stakes
It was raining overnight and earlier this morning but fortunately it stopped in time for our lunchtime run. Underfoot however it was sloshy, muddy and very slippery on the hills. Like lots of others I ended up with mud up the back of my legs and mud laden shoes. I certainly ran cautiously in case I slipped over in the mud on the way up and down those hills! It didn't slow Jen down however and she managed a PB without wearing her garmin! This, after coming in first at the handicap on Sunday. Nothing stops our Jen!
Distance of race: 6km
Time taken: 37:09
Average pace per km: 6:10 (definitely not one of my better runs!)
Calories burned: 333
Total distance for day: 10km (including 3km warm up and down)
Later in the afternoon I had an appointment at the gym to have a strength and toning program made for me. It looks really hard work and fun. I had a try at all the exercises including ones with kettle bells which I have never tried before. I won't start the program until after the marathon but I'm really looking forward to having a go and seeing some results.


  1. if done properly, there are some very good kettlebell exercises which will stop the tendency to "hunch" as you age.

    1. In that case I will definitely be practising them lots!!

  2. I'll stop her. I'm going to put lead weights in her shoes and tie her laces together.