Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Stunning Autumn Day - Two Weeks to Go!

Earth hour has finished, the candles are out and now I can write up my blog before heading off for bed. Tomorrow I'm running in the Women's and Girls' Fun Run - not quite sure why but I guess it means finishing off the running week with company. I'll aim for a warm up first. If the weather is like today it will be lovely.

Today was a perfect Autumn day in Canberra. It was a little cool at 7.40am when I stopped the car near the ferry terminal but it didn't take me long to warm up once I started running. I only had time to run 3km before meeting Ewen, Geoff, Amanda R, Zainab, Lucia and Abby for a longish run. I ran for some time with Amanda and Geoff as the others soon disappeared into the distance. It was such a lovely morning for running with reflections over the water, hot air balloons in the sky and pretty bird calls in the trees. There were heaps of people out there and lots of walkers as this weekend is the International Two Day Walk and there were many people from many nationalities walking with backpacks and some with sticks.
For some of the time I ran alone as Amanda and Geoff ran ahead but later they waited for me to catch up. I was very lucky to have company for a lot of my run today. Amanda happily ran the extra kms after we had finished our west basin loop and Geoff ran most of it too. Amanda hasn't run with us before so it is always fun to get to know someone new to our runs.
Total distance: 26km
Time taken: 2:44:59
Average pace per km: 6:21
Calories burned: 1442
And that's it! Next week I only have a 16km run scheduled. Taper has truly begun. By the time I returned to the ferry terminal Ewen was sound asleep in his car, no doubt dreaming of his running streak which continues ad infinitum, so I tapped on the window and woke him as we had a coffee date with Liz at Urban Foods - great coffee, great company - a perfect way to finish a lovely morning.

Tonight we put our clocks back one hour as daylight saving is ending. Summer is over although so far we have had better weather in Autumn than we did in summer!

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  1. Good luck for tomorrow and after enjoy your tapering time.