Saturday, March 03, 2012

A much shorter long run today

This morning I met Jen at 8am at Black Mountain Peninsula and we decided to run the Weston Creek Half Marathon course from there as I only had a shortish run scheduled on my easy week. It was really chilly to start and we even wore spray jackets. However, we avoided the rain which started just at the end of my run - so lucky! We ran along the cycle track and veered off towards Woden to the turnaround point for the half where we headed back until we reached 13km where Jen left me and Richard took over to run the last 8km with me back to Black Mountain peninsula. I felt much better in that last 8km and we averaged just over 6min kms whereas earlier we were running nearly 6.5min kms.
We saw quite a few familiar faces out there running and there were also lots of cyclists, everyone out grabbing their exercise before the rain returned in the late morning and continued for the rest of the day.
Total distance: 21km
Time taken: 2hrs 13mins
Average pace per km: 6:21
Calories burned: 1163
Later we met Ewen at the Portrait Gallery for a pretty ordinary coffee and a nice cake. The book shop was an interesting place to browse!

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  1. Yes, nice cake yesterday. Bet the one you're baking for CJ is better though! I'm also betting she'll leave a comment on your blog in appreciation.