Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Number 700

Canberra Marathon Race Number
Weston Creek Half Marathon - running happy!
In the mail today I received my race number for the Canberra Marathon. HELP - that makes it very real. Here's hoping our Griffin singlets are organised on time. The logo was apparently taken to the distributor today so fingers crossed!
When I walked round in my half sleep this morning my ankles were sore and I felt a bit sore. First stop was the local gym where I warmed up with 5 minutes on the cross trainer, 6 minutes on the rower and 30 push ups before concentrating on the chest, back and abs.
speedygeese training 
I arrived with just enough time to run a 1.6km loop of Parliament House before the main session. This session was a similar session to last week except we ran our 1km loops in the opposite direction. In the slow loops between I chose to do my exercises on the tricep dips as my triceps need all the help I can give them!
After the warm down I ran an extra loop of Parliament House  to make up my distance for the day.
Total distance: 12km

Jen joined me at Tuesday group where we were directed to run the Black Mountain loop. Two problems; we started just as everyone was disappearing in the distance and although we managed to catch the walkers a number of them turned back early or did a shorter detour. We caught up with a couple of people who gave us directions, one was on the return journey at the time, but we still managed to take the wrong turn and end up lost on the trails somewhere. It was however just fantastic to be running on the trails, some of it was pretty rough underfoot but the rest made up for it. There were a number of hills and a lot of muddy puddles and slush but it was fun on the whole. I'm so glad Jen was with me. Somehow being lost is ok with company! We did eventually make it back in a very slow time.
Total distance: 13km

Summer series - Stromlo Forest Park
I arrived for this event in time to run a 1km loop on my own before speedygeoff and Ewen joined me for the 2nd km. The grass was lovely and the weather sunny but not too too hot. In fact the conditions were ideal. My legs however felt very slow and tired. Caroline was running and I was determined to finish before her. I did but it was oh so close. I could almost hear her breathing down my neck and had to do a bit of a sprint finish with all I had left!
I finished the day's running with a 2km warm down with Geoff and Ewen.
Distance of run: 5km (plus 4.6km warm up and warm down)
Time taken: 28:09
Average pace per km: 5:38
This was the final of the summer series so next Tuesday I will only be running once a day at a faster pace than I am currently at Tuesday group.

Total distance for day: 22.6km

Meanwhile on the home front our ensuite has been pulled out and renovations have begun. This means Mr B and I have moved into the other bedroom and our house is in some disarray! Fun times! In fact Teddy had two walks today just to keep him away from all the excitement!


  1. Only 23 days 22 hours to go!

    Lucky Stromlo wasn't 6k or Caroline would have got you ;)

  2. I have reviewed my form and re-set my 50k goals. Strewth, I aim to catch you!