Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Once every 28 years!

I went to the gym this morning for an upper body workout. My membership runs out at Club Pink in a week and I have joined Club Lime where there's a wider choice of gym locations and classes. That will start from next Wednesday and there will not be a fixed contract so I can give it a try without the commitment. The big benefit is that the cost will include entry to the pool which means I can swim when I like. 
At lunchtime I headed for Woden in the rain to take part in the BBQ Stakes. Today, being 29 February, the decision was to run it a little differently and we ran an out and back course as a turkey run ie no watches allowed. We had to choose our own handicap and the winner was the person who finished nearest to 40 minutes. One person finished at exactly 40 minutes, Kerrie finished in 39:59 and someone else finished in 40:01 so a few people knew exactly how fast they run even in inclement weather with mud underfoot. Running out and back was a good option as we missed some of the hills in the second half and also avoided some of the mud. It was also quite a good temperature with a few raindrops to keep us cool. Apparently the opportunity to run on Wednesday 29 February only occurs once every 28 years. Next time I run this course I may be using a zimmer frame. It would be absolutely wonderful, in fact a miracle, if I were still running at almost 90 years of age especially on those hills - tee hee!
Jen and I ran a 3km warm up before the race and a 3km warm down in the rain.
Total distance: 12km (but no idea how long the 6km race took - I'm quite lost when I can't wear my garmin)

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  1. If you were born on the 29th of Feb you wouldn't be that old next time you run it on the 29th ;-)