Tuesday, February 07, 2012

A Good Start to Week 5

Morning - 1km swim
Afternoon - speedygeese session at Parliament House
After the warm up loop we headed for the lower grass rectangle for our main session. As there was an odd number for the relay teams of 3 Ewen and I just ran round and round and up and down the course until the second half of the session when we were divided into teams of two. This time we could take part in the speedy session and run fast down the diagonals and up the straight to tag our team member. While the other person was running we jogged across the straights. At the end of the session I needed a few more kms so Jill and Jen ran with me down to the lake and beside it for a few kms before turning to face the wind and run back to the carpark.
Total distance: 13km
Calories burned: 708

My two grandchildren on the first school day. Sam's very first day of school and Talia going into Year 4. He's nearly as tall as her!!
Morning - Tuesday Group
Margaret and I ran more or less together from Black Mountain Peninsula and along past Scrivener Dam until we reached 5.5km where we turned and ran the undulating path back again. It was a slow run but I needed to save something for the YCRC Summer series later in the day.
Total distance: 11km
Calories burned: 598

In the afternoon I did some more Avon and took Teddy for a walk before driving to the Boathouse to run the second run in the summer series. 
6.15pm - Summer Series
There was a large number of starters in the run in ideal conditions, some cloud cover, some sun and a pleasant temperature. There were loads of people I knew and it is always good to see them. I ran a short 1.3km warm up with Cathy M and during the run just tried to catch the person in front of me. I felt ok and I quite like that course running past the Hospice and on towards Molonglo Reach, turning at the markers and running back the same way. Later I had a pleasant chat with CJ and Janene and also caught up with Roy. I did however cool down very quickly and I really enjoyed the hot shower later at home.
Time taken: 26:35
Distance: 4.86km (it measured a bit short unfortunately) plus 1.3km warm up
Average pace per km: 5:28
Calories burned: 267

Total distance for Tuesday: 17km

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  1. I'm glad it was short. I was running out of steam at 3.5k. 17k is a good day's training and 5:28 ks very speedy to finish up.

    How come CJ and Jog aren't in your list of 'Followers'?