Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Midweek Run

I couldn't go to the BBQ Stakes run today as I was on grandma role. As Sam has just started school this year he only has four days full time for a couple of weeks before he goes to full days. I'm therefore looking after him for a couple of Weds. It was a great outside day today, perfect for fun at the park and for giving Teddy a bath. Sam also had fun hosing down the slippery dip, swings, tables etc and of course the garden had a good water too!
I did however fit in a middle distance run before Sam was dropped off. I plugged in my music and ran from home down to Lake G, round the lake and on through the tunnel towards Gungahlin before turning back and heading for home. My ankle gave me a bit of a twinge but I could run through it today.
Total distance: 18.5km
Time taken: 1hr 54mins
Average pace per km: 6:22
Calories burned: 1035
Fun with Sam at Lake Ginninderra

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  1. No wonder you were feeling it in the 10,000 last night. Oh yes, 18km is not a middle distance run. It's a long distance run. Anything over 3k is a long distance run.