Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tuesday run on Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day today. 
This morning at Tuesday group we ran from the peninsula past the museum and on to the world globe. I ran a bit ahead of Margaret and after running "round the world" once I ran back for her then ran "round the world" a second time with Margaret. Then we ran back to the start to eat some lovely honey joys made by Rae and choccie bikkies. Oops!
Total distance: 12km
During the run my left ankle gave a big twinge and I had to stop and walk. It seemed ok after a minute so I continued to run for a few kms when it happened again. Ouch! Later I iced it and went for an hour's walk with Teddy but it was still aching a bit so I decided against going to the summer series run tonight. Instead I cooked a nice dinner for Mr B for Valentine's Day including dark chocolate coated strawberries for dessert. Mmmm, yummy:)

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