Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Quick Recap and Nine weeks to marathon!

As we were going to see Ronan Keating in concert on Thursday night I couldn't run at track that evening so instead I followed the marathon program and ran out past the AIS track and on to the undulating track beside Bruce Ridge where I ran as follows:
2 x 60secs fast/60secs float
4 x 30secs/30 float
2 x 60secs/60 float
4 x 30secs/30 float
2 x 60secs/60 float
Then I ran back home.
Total distance: 10km
The concert was amazing. Ronan sang a lot of newer songs as well as some of the ones I know and love. The support act was Sharon Corr (from The Corrs) who played the violin brilliantly. It made me want to resurrect my childhood violin but I wouldn't subject others to that pain. I remember my cat used to love me practising and climb up and curl itself around my neck to get closer to the screeching!!

Saturday - long run
I met Ewen and Jen at the War Memorial carpark and ran over the base of Mt Ainslie trails to Stirling Ave, Watson & back, all on dirt trails, before returning to the carpark where Jen and Ewen left me and I ran down Anzac Parade and on to the lake where I turned left heading towards Molonglo. Richard caught up with me on his bike and rode the last 12km near me. It was great to have company for nearly all my run.
Total distance: 28km
Time taken: 3:09:30
Average pace per km: 6:45
Calories burned: 1534
That evening Mr B and I were happy to join lots of running mates at very speedy Bruce's 50th birthday party. Everybody took a plate of food and the spread was amazing. We didn't stay late as I had an early start next morning but it was lovely to see so many friends and enjoy the comraderie and music.

Sunday - sprint marathon relay
Margaret and I headed to the start by just after 7.15am where we were given our relay team details.  There were eight teams of six runners each competing this year. I was runner number 5 in my relay team with speedygeoff as our team captain. Every runner completed four legs of 1k and one leg of 2k, or in the case of the slowest runner in each team six legs of 1k, and faster runners had to catch up to slower runners at the end so that team members crossed the finish line together. Being Runner No 5 I ran my second last km sprint up the hill to meet runner number 6 where the rest of the team caught up and we all ran back to the end where we ran together over the finish line holding hands. At one stage our team was coming seventh; at another stage it was last but we ended up coming fourth (exactly in the middle) with lots of hard running from everyone so we were happy with that result. It was lots of fun in ideal conditions - no rain but some cloud cover. 
In between sprints I was lucky to have the company of Ewen, who was runner 5 in another team, to jog 1-2km with me while we waited to be tagged by the next runner. This kept our legs moving as well as giving us some more distance.
After the relay I ran a warm down with Ewen and Geoff and later Margaret and I enjoyed a pleasant coffee at the Farmers' Daughter cafe in Yarralumla. It was really busy but the coffee was good.
Total distance for day: 17.4km
In the early evening Mr B and I went to a 65th birthday celebration at a cycling friend's home. It was quite a weekend of parties. I took chocolate truffles and mini frittatas to each so inbetween running I was baking!
Total distance for week: 95.4km

Monday speedygeese training at Parliament House - A New Week - Nine Weeks to Blast Off!
warm up: 1.56k
Main Session
Something a little different tonight. Speedychief organised a circuit after our warm up. We headed for the grassy oval where he had set up four stations. After a quick run round the oval we did the following circuit:

crunches; squats; push ups; lunges marked with cones approximately 10m apart. We progressed from 1 rep at each station to 2 at each station, then 3 etc. We had to run back to the start between each set. 
I managed 11 repeats of each set by the time the whistle blew. It was lots of fun and totally exhausting. 

Next we headed up to the edge of the road where we ran intervals on the grass using the light posts as markers. We ran 1 hard/1 easy; 2  hard/1 easy. 3 hard/1 easy out & back with a pause in between (so two lengths) then we repeated this. The last return was by far the hardest as there was a very slight rise heading to the finish which by that stage felt like a mountain. After our warm down we had still only run a total of 6km, although it felt like more, so speedygeoff and I ran a further 2km to give me a better total for the day. 
Total distance: 8km 
I almost forgot to mention that I had been to the gym in the morning to work on abs and some upper body strength work where I wasn't too successful as my wrist still bothers me. I also went to the pool for a swim after that session and of course a Teddy walk so it was a big day of exercise!
Total di


  1. Amongst other things you described, Strewth, I have to say I loved the picture of the cat curled around your neck while you practised the violin! You should take it up again...I love the violin and envy anyone who can master it.

  2. That wasn't quick to read!

    We saw the Corrs when they were young ;) Not sure about Ronan... if it was worth missing the track for him.

  3. LL it would not be pretty to hear me play the violin now but I will dig it out. I used to love it. I also used to play the cello in my youth - oh dear! Ewen - we saw the Corrs when they were last here - loved them. Ronan was definitely missing track for - a great performer.