Wednesday, February 01, 2012

BBQ Stakes in Reverse

Conditions were perfect today for the BBQ Stakes run. As it was the first run for the month it was done in reverse which meant lots of hills to start and a lovely downhill finish. The temperature was quite cool although it felt warm running up those hills but there was cloud cover and no wind at all so absolutely ideal. I think a few people ran PBs. Even I ran nearly a minute than last week although it was a minute more than my PB. I was happy though as I expected to run much more slowly after yesterday's efforts. My legs even felt quite springy during parts of the run and I was so glad I had run this event as I had been sorely tempted just to run from home! After the run I ran a short warm down with Jen's boys who thoroughly enjoyed racing past me!
Total distance: 6km (plus 1km warm down)
Time taken: 35:42
Average pace per km: 5:58
Calories burned: 326

1 comment:

  1. Good to hear about the springy legs. You gave Yelena a scare in the 3000 on Thursday too!