Sunday, February 26, 2012

Over 100km week!

Chicken, avocado, rocket & prosciutto salad at TwoB4Ten
On Thursday I had a lovely lunch with CJ and Mr B before heading off to the hairdresser. Then later it was off to track to meet up with Ewen and his friend Bruce who was here for a visit from Sydney. We ran a very short warm up before taking part in the mile run. This is an event I would never normally race but Bruce had a strong desire to beat me so run it I did, not very fast but I still came across the finish line just a few seconds ahead of him.
Then on tired legs Ewen and I took part in the 1200m walk which started at the same time as the 10,000m walk. Ouch, it really hurt as the mile had been short and sharp. Usually I do the walk after the 3000m and manage ok but this was really really hard work. I could never have completed the 10,000m walk that night.
Next Ewen, Bruce and I ran out on Bruce Ridge - a good trail run to make up the appropriate distance for the day.
Distance: 1mile (1.6km): 8:02
Distance: 1200m walk: 8:38
Total distance for day including warm up and warm down: 10km

Saturday - long run
My first part of the long run was with Jen. I parked my car at the war memorial and ran down to the ferry terminal to meet her and when my garmin hit 4km it stopped dead with a flat battery. Yikes! Fortunately Jen had a running app on her iphone and could measure the distance of my run with her. We ran round the West Basin end of the lake and by the time we met Ewen running down from the war memorial I had clocked up 20.6km. Jen left us here and Ewen ran with me round the East Basin of the lake and back along Anzac Parade when Ewen's garmin told me I had completed my schedule for the day.
It was perfect for running at 6.50am when I started running down to the lake, with hot air balloons floating above Parliament House (plenty of hot air going on there at the moment), but once the cloud cover lifted it was quite hot.
After our run we had a most enjoyable coffee and lunch at the war memorial cafe with Liz, Jeni G, Marg, Peter, CJ and Ewen - by far the best way to end a long run.
Later it was off to do the supermarket shopping - oh joy. This weekend Mr B is in Melbourne competing in a triathlon there - very hot and windy conditions I am told.
Total distance: 34km
Time taken: 3hrs 42mins
Running along Anzac Parade - hot air balloons in the distance
Average pace per km: Approx 6:30per km

Parliament House
Sunday - Vets' handicap
No sleep in today. Instead it was off to the veteran's handicap run which was held at North Curtin. I was a bit nervous as the run started on a hill which went upwards on a rough trail for about 2km and I wondered how I would cope after the long run yesterday. However, I felt surprisingly comfortable and there were lots of downhills to compensate for the uphills. It was really hot and sunny during our little warm up run but during the race there was cloud cover and it was a very pleasant run although humid. Later in the day there was some rain but it held off for the baby celebrations for our friend in the botanical gardens where CJ and I went in the afternoon.
Distance of vets' run: 6.2km
Time taken: 36:11
Average pace per km: 5:50
Handicap group: 18
Finish place: 23rd (out of 107)
Age percentage: 69.4%
Total distance for day with warm up: 8km
Total distance for week: 101km

Jon's baby Billie 10weeks old - photo borrowed from Cathy's blog


  1. I guess Speedygeoff still has you in his sights to finish the 50 kms before you finish the marathon. Time to get some zip in those legs of yours, he is still the favourite at current pace. Go coffee free until after the 14th April, a good strong brew before the race and you will fly.

  2. The balloon photo turned out well.

    I see CJ is finally a member of your blog... but no Two Fruits!

  3. P.S. You beat Speedygeoff by 20k last week - only 80k for him!