Sunday, February 05, 2012

Ten Weeks to the Marathon!

At the Aranda monthly handicap 28 Jan
I had a little sleep in this morning. It was so lovely. The trouble is this meant I was hungry when I rose and needed brekkie which meant I had to wait an hour or so to digest it before I could run. I only had a short run on the schedule today which is why I didn't need to start early. However, for once the sun was shining and it was quite hot when I ran out the door. Because I was just running a few kms I took Teddy with me which meant there was a bit of stopping and starting involved when there was a tree to sniff or a drain to splash in.
It was lovely when we reached the oval to let Teddy off the lead and to run on the spongy grass for a while. I tried to stay in the shade of the trees whenever possible on the track.
Total distance: 7km
Total distance for week: 67km (required 50-57km as it was my easy week, so happy with that)
Next week I will be building up the distance again.
One of my local "Teddy" runs
That's an interesting tree - let me stop!


  1. How funny! My Amy & Oscar do the very same thing just like Teddy!

  2. Teddy would be a good partner for fartlek runs ;)

    Your outfit matches your blog!

  3. Oh WOW!!!! It is ages since I've patted Teddy. Please, please bring him to next run group coffee :)