Wednesday, February 08, 2012

BBQ Stakes on an overcast day

I started the day with a 1km swim before heading to Woden for the BBQ Stakes run, this time run in the right direction. I always find I can run it better when I run the opposite direction and this was no exception. My legs felt heavy and I found the hills tough work today. I ran a 1.5km warm up with Jen and then headed for my start group of 5mins15secs. It was overcast and not too hot, in fact great conditions, so I have no excuse but it definitely wasn't one of my better runs today!
Distance of race: 6km
Time taken: 36:26
Average pace per km: 6:05
Calories: 331
Jen and I ran a warm down of 2.5km before heading off for a coffee and sandwich.
Total distance for day: 10km


  1. It was a beautiful day for running, with the thermometer reaching the official maximum of 22 degrees for only about two minutes in the afternoon. Nevertheless I agree that reverse is the best BBQ Stakes direction. What I wanted to say is, congratulations on doing a reasonable warm-up, now to lengthen it and add some mobility exercises, and you'll reap more benefits. You're still my big hope for pulling out dramatic PBs. p.s. heavy legs might be caused by kicking too hard in the swim. Try using mainly arms. Being able to do ten chin-ups will help. One more chin-up per month this year and by Christmas the PBs will come.

  2. You also ran twice Tuesday (including a race), so 6:05 ks on hills is pretty good.