Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Wet Wet Start to the Week

As I had an Avon sales meeting to attend in the evening on the other side of town I decided to run first thing in the morning inbetween the raindrops. The rain was just a steady light drizzle and actually felt quite pleasant and relieved the humidity a little. I timed the run quite well as by the time I reached home the rain had become heavier and it would have been quite unpleasant a little later in the day. It did clear enough for the speedygeese to have a good session, however, which sadly I had to miss.
Total distance: 8km

It was drizzling again as we started our run from Black Mountain Peninsula at 8.30am. The plan was to run past the museum on to the world statue but Marg and I went a slightly different route incorporating the old hospital hill instead of running round the museum on the way out and going on past the statue towards the carillon. We turned at 4.5km and returned via the museum route. During our last few kms the rain fell more heavily and we were very wet by the time we finished.
Total distance: 11km
I was called on to babysit later in the day but wasn't too upset to miss the summer series run at Weston Park as the rain did not ease off all afternoon and in fact it is still bucketing down outside now! Tomorrow's BBQ stakes run is looking to be extremely soggy:(

There are now less than seven weeks to go before the Canberra marathon. It would be nice if we could finally receive our Griffin singlets which we have been waiting for and chasing up since last April. Liz and I would like to run the Canberra marathon wearing our Griffin singlets as we consider running ten Canberra marathons an achievement to wear with pride!

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  1. Start sewing now and you'll have your Griffin singlets in plenty of time ;)