Saturday, February 04, 2012

Doggy trails!

That's what we could have called our run this morning because everywhere we ran there were dogs, small, big but all friendly happy dogs, probably due to lots of exercise. 
When I looked out the door this morning very early there was a low mist and the ground was very wet due to overnight rain. However, there was no rain all day. We were in luck. As I drove to the war memorial there was a heavy misty fog which required headlights and the cloud cover remained for an hour or so as we ran. When the sun finally broke through it was near the end of the run and there was quite a bite to it. 
I met Jen at the war memorial carpark and we ran an extremely slow 2.65km warm up on Mt Ainslie trails before Ewen arrived to run with us at 8am.
Ewen led us over the trails of Mt Ainslie. We turned left and ran past the water tank and on through the pretty leafy suburbs of Ainslie and Dickson enjoying the oval, which is very green and spongy currently and along Limestone Ave back to the war memorial.On the way we ran over some lovely trails and along some gorgeous tree lined flat trails where the surface was fantastic. It just didn't last long enough.
I only had to run a short run today as this is my easy week but after 15km I was hanging out to finish. It's weird how the mind works. Normally I feel like that at about 26km so psychologically I obviously knew I only had to run 20km. I had company for the majority of the run only having to run 3km on my own. In fact I had 1.2km to go when Richard turned up on his bike and rode beside me to finish off the run. 
Total distance: 20km
Time taken: 2hrs 15mins (oh boy, must have been the hills, or maybe it was that slow warm up)
Average pace per km: 6:50
Calories burned: 1079
Later in the day Mr B walked Teddy with me for 5km while I delivered Avon. The sun was shining and it was a lovely day at last.
Ewen and Jen on our run
Jen and Strewth on our lovely flat trail after coming off Mt Ainslie
Ewen and Strewth


  1. Good pics. Aren't we photogenic!

    Did you stop your watch for the toilet stop during your warm-up? My pace was 6:29.. still a little slow. It wasn't hilly at all - just beautiful soft trails most of the way.

  2. Actually Ewen that might have been it - perhaps I didn't stop my watch! And you're right it was a beautiful run. You'll have to lead us on another one of those next week for part of my longer run. I love the trails. Richard said he'll cycle the last part with me when you all leave me!

  3. Good 20 km long run, Strewth, and beautiful photos of you and your running friends. These images show a nice place to run ... It seems that the running path is soft there.

  4. Your Canb Marathon prep is well on track. You are doing so well :)

    Great to catch up for coffee yesterday. I wished I could have stayed longer .....

    Will email you my Avon order as promised :)