Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Double Trouble

8.15am - short run
I ran a short run from home before heading for the gym. I purposely ran fairly gently as it was the final Summer Series race later in the day.
Total distance: 6.1km
Time taken: 37:17
Average pace per km: 6:06
Calories burned: 360

I went to a 9.30am class at the gym under the illusion that it would be nice and gentle because of the time it was held - big mistake! It was titled TBC - Total Body Conditioning - and it was designed to focus on the heart, muscle and mind. The description sounded fine but, unless they replaced this with a different class, it is a tough session with the first 3/4 of it being quite aerobic. At least the last 15mins included stretching and abs - always a good thing!

Later in the day I headed for Stromlo Forest Park where the final summer series run was held. My time was 20secs slower than my previous race at that location - damn, why don't I get faster?
Total distance: 5km (plus 550m warm-up)
Time taken: 27:29
Average pace per km: 5:21
Calories burned: 301

Total distance for day: 11.65km

Then off to a sub-committee meeting for Masters' Athletics - it's all go, go, go!

Wednesday - today's medium distance - 7.15am - another very warm day
This morning I had an early start as I had a meeting at 10.30am in the city and wanted to complete my scheduled run first. Yes, I know I'm retired but it seems people want me out there so I've become a part-time consultant by default!!
Anyway, I ran from home to and round Lake G then home the long way extending it a little at the other end to make the distance.
Total distance: 20km
Time taken: 1:59:01
Average pace per km: 5:57
Calories burned: 1178

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  1. See! What did I say? As soon as you dump me as your training partner you're running sub-6 minute kilometres!