Sunday, March 22, 2009

Strewth - we're off to New York!

It's true - the airfares are very cheap right now and Mr B has booked the flights. We leave in June for LA and New York - how exciting! It will be summer there too so more sunshine to enjoy.
Today I ran late in the day before going out for dinner with friends to replace all the calories (plus more) I had lost! I just ran a short steady run from home along the cycle track to the tunnel past Giralang before turning and running back the way I had come.

Total distance: 8km
Time taken: 45:57
Average pace per km: 5:44
Calories burned: 470

Total distance for week: 93km


  1. LA and NY, another wonderful trip and many pictures to post.

  2. Wow! You'll have to find a race in Central Park to run. LLs will be able to give you some hot tips on New York.

  3. How exciting! The flights are soooo cheap it's too tempting. We're still thinking of going for the NY marathon and there are some cheap flights for that time too.

  4. oooooh that is soo exciting! Looking forward to seeing the photos!

    Good luck with the rest of your prep for Canberra!

  5. we'll be in nyc (and chi) in october. how fun for you. anything special you'll see?