Sunday, March 29, 2009

Masters' Monthly Handicap at Stromlo

It was an absolutely perfect morning for running as the sun didn't become really hot until we had finished running. The course started at Stromlo Forest Park where we ran our usual Cross Country loop then ran out on the dirt where the forest used to be before the Canberra fires about 5 years ago. It was undulating but not too hilly and an out and back course so we could high five others going in the opposite direction. I started in Group 21 and came in 16th out of 99 starters in the longer course of 8km. I felt surprisingly ok after yesterday's long run. Sometimes a long run the day before a race can help. I also managed to arrive in time to do a warm-up before the start which always helps!
Total distance: 8km (garmin says 8.2km)
Time taken: 44:14
Average pace per km: 5:32 (garmin says 5:23)
Place: 16th (out of 99)
Handicap group: 21
Calories burned: 486

Warm up run: 1:09
Total rounded-down distance for day: 9km
Total distance for week: 101km - woo hoo!


  1. You also finished well up in the field - 16th on handicap across the line including ineligibles, out of 99!

  2. But more importantly, did I win my beer? Did you avoid being overtaken by 2Fruits?

  3. Yes Ewen you are safe - Twofruits didn't pass me this time - woo hoo!

  4. Thank goodness for that! I'm running short of beer.

    Congrats on the 101 too. Nicely palindromic.

  5. I didn't pass many at all, let alone flying speedy geese. Well done, but sorry I can't stop you getting smashed at the sub committee meeting to re handicap the fast ones.