Friday, March 06, 2009

A Good Day

This morning I went to Body Balance - I love that class, compulsory stretching, amazing abs work and so lovely when we have total relaxation for ten minutes at the end. Last night I was CJ's guinea pig at CIT for a fitness assessment. It was good fun but these abs of mine defnitely need more work!
After the gym this morning I went for a run which incorporated fartlek training. My legs did not want to cooperate and the fact that I'm still coughing madly doesn't help much. Here's hoping I don't disgrace myself at the half marathon on Sunday. However, I had a good day today. After my shower I went to lunch with my ex-admin staff as an opportunity to say thank you and farewell. It was so lovely being able to do that and we had such a nice time. Management covered the cost and had sent a very nice gift for me so it was all good.
Total distance today: 11.13km


  1. So the "Golden Handshake" turned up, albeit a little later.

  2. Good that it was all good. I hope you got lots of hugs to go with the tears.

    Remind me to assess your abs next time I see you running in a crop top. I'll give you the CR belly-punch test.