Thursday, March 26, 2009

Round and round and round we go!

I decided that in order to cover my distance today it would be fortuitous to complete the hour run on the track tonight. Thus it was that I dragged Mr B along to be my lap counter for the last event of the night - the hour run. As it happened he also lap scored for Marg. Oh boy, it is so boring running round and round the flat track for an hour without a break or even an opportunity to stop for a drink. Some people just kept flying past lapping me (including speedy Ewen, Roger and pocket rocket Sue) - quite demoralising seeing them fly past again and again as I trotted around for yet another lap.
Total distance: 10.852 (just missed lapping Marg the second time and also just missed the 11km)
Time taken: 1 hour!!!
Average pace per km: 5:37 (just slightly faster than marathon pace)
Now all I have to do is keep up that pace for 42.2km and I will make the distance in under 4hours - ha ha ha - not possible, that was the longest hour in eternity!!
Total distance including warm-up: 12km


  1. How can you say all that about the best night at the track all season? It's a lesson in pacing, consistency, mind games, speed, endurance, fun. Pity I couldn't make it, as I would have annoyed the daylights ( night light) out of you every time I went past. Lucky for you. Keep training, see you on Sunday, be watching out for the patter of feet behind. On grass you may not even hear foot steps. Isn't that nice.

  2. 12k - 10.852k = 1.148k. Hmmm.

    You can break 4 hours, you can do it, yes you can. You will peak/taper for the marathon. And a marathon is much less boring than one hour on that flat and boring track. Anyway, it was humid last night. Not perfect.

  3. You need to join Luckylegs in remedial maths class. You ran 5:32/km, which is 3:53 for the marathon - well under 4 hours!

    You can do it! Just find some faster training partners.