Monday, March 23, 2009

Only Four Weeks to Go!

This morning I went to the gym to follow CJ's exercise program. It took me an hour to do the full session but it was a good start to the day.
I managed to arrive at PH for the early start of speedychief's training at 4.30pm which meant speedychief, Miranda, Ewen and I could run 7km before the main session started at 5.30pm.
After the warm-up loop of PH we were divided into teams of two for relays. One team member ran on a fast undulating loop while the other ran a slower shorter loop inbetween. It was tough but fun. Then to top it off we headed for the killer hill to do attrition sprints to the top. Fortunately I was out in the first attempt as the last five to reach the top were eliminated. The overall winner was Joel after Tim was given a handicap to hold him back!
Total distance: 13.7km
Calories burned: 826


  1. Were you "doing a Roy" so you could gassbag to Spody, or are you really that slow due to running with me?

    Speedygeoff tells me next week the first few runners in each attrition sprint will be eliminated, so watch out!

  2. You can run faster than Ewen, Strewth, so no worries about being eliminated!

    I so admire your consistency with combining running with gym etc. No wonder you look so good!

  3. looking forward to your canberry marathon story!
    greetz from the netherlands