Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday is my favourite day!

Friday has always been my rest day although usually I do go to the gym early in the morning to a Body Balance class - great for stretching. However this morning I had the pleasure of my daughter's company instead which seemed like a lovely alternative.
As I collected aforesaid daughter from the airport in the middle of my scheduled 5km track race last night I obviously gave the race a miss and ran earlier in the day instead. In fact it was 12.30pm before I ran my planned tough run and oh boy it was hot. I ran from home past the AIS down to the highway and then back to O'Connor Ridge where there are some trees for shade. The surface is great but the hills are very steep. My session was as follows:

15mins warm-up jog
15mins tempo run
3mins jog
4 x 1min hills (I think the ones I selected were too steep - phew)
warm down run to finish

I found a lovely gently undulating surface for about 3km of my warm-down and it felt great but then I headed for home on the concrete cycle paths, couldn't avoid them unfortunately. It was hot, I was dripping, but with the workout done I could enjoy the rest of the day without rushing back to work - woo hoo!
Total distance: 12km
Fastest km: 5:27
Total time taken: 1hr15mins
Average pace per km: 6:12 (damn hills!)
Calories burned: 708

Later in the day I headed for the CIT to meet with CJ who had produced an exercise program for me designed to assist with upper body strength, abs, back fat etc. It took about an hour to go through everything. I'm hoping for great improvements although with my current training program I will probably only be able to squeeze in two or three weights sessions a week until after the marathon.

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  1. Monday is my favourite day: because that's when I meet my best friends at Parliament House, especially my 4:30pm friends. Something I always look forward to with pleasure.