Saturday, March 27, 2010

An exciting couple of days!

Thursday - last track session for season
I arrived at track in time to run a short warm up before competing in the fitness walk 1500m championship. This is always a fun event.
Total distance: 1500m
Time taken: 9:58:60

Very soon after this finished the Turkey 2000m run was held. I was pretty knackered after the walk so I estimated a comfortable 9:55 in spite of Ewen suggesting I could run it in 9:49 if I ran my hardest.
It turns out I should listen to Ewen (sometimes) as my actual time was very close to his estimate.
Total distance: 2000m
Time taken: 9:48:67
Average pace per km: 4:54
Marg's estimate of her time gained her first place and my estimate came in 2nd place!
After this event Marg and I went for a 5km run out of the arena before coming back to cheer on the 5000m competitors. There were some fantastic times and many PBs from our speedygeese - great to watch.
After all the events were over the awards were presented and it was really exciting receiving a trophy and a keepsake engraved glass for winning the pointscore for the spiral handicap females. My name had already been engraved on the trophy - so cool!
Total distance for day: 9.5km

Saturday - Long run
I arrived at Molonglo a little early which allowed me time to run 2.5km before meeting the others at 7am. I ran with Chris, Cathy, Graeme and Nadine around the base of Mt Ainslie. Cathy and Graeme left us after about 8km while the rest of us ran round the streets of Campbell before heading for Anzac Pde and down to the lake enjoying the sight of hot air balloons in the distance. Here we met up with Ewen and Jen, while Chris and Nadine turned left to head back to Molonglo. Ewen, Jen and I next ran all around the undulating West Basin end of the lake and back over Kings Ave bridge to where their cars were packed. We then walked down to the mobile cafe by the carillion where we had cold and hot drinks and a snack by the lake before Ewen drove me back to my car at Molonglo. It was lovely on such a stunning Autumn day.
To top off a great day our daughter from Sydney stayed one night with us and we had a lovely lunch together in the city.
Total distance of run: 35.55km
Time taken: 3:47:08
Average pace per km: 6:23
Calories burned: 2093


  1. Congratulations for your 35.55 km long run. Have a great training again.

  2. Yes, that is some long run. Are you planning a full marathon sometime soon?

  3. One day you'll listen to me. 9:49!

    I'm good at predicting form - I'll let you know later what time you'll run in the National Capital Marathon.