Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Slow mid-week Run

6.15am - RPM class at gym
Our previous instructor took the class this morning and made us work really really hard. It was a great session but I think it took its toll on my afternoon run.
5.50pm - Run with Wednesday group from Parliament House.
Tonight's group consisted of speedygeoff, Chris, Jen, Ewen and I. I was so slow; my legs didn't want to push too hard and I was always in the slow end of the group.
We ran from PH and down to the lake to the wetlands and anticlockwise round Central Basin.
Total distance: 14.5km


  1. Where's the time for yesterday's run? We don't know how slow you were! You'd better lift your game Saturday missie - Jen is expecting a fast 20k ;)

  2. 14,5 km after a hard work? What can I say? ........