Monday, March 29, 2010

Intervals at Parliament House

Tonight I ran the early 8km warm-up run with Miranda, Yelena, Ewen and speedycoach. It had rained earlier in the afternoon and as a consequence was really humid and we were all dripping by the time we finished the warm-up. Then it was on to the main set which was similar to last week's session.
We ran another warm-up loop of Parliament House then started from the oval where we ran an undulating 935m circuit with cones marking each 100m and 200m interval. We ran each 100m slow and each 200m fast for the circuit and ran the circuit four times without stopping. It was a short but tough session. Leanne was selected to introduce everyone tonight and she managed perfectly.
Total distance including early warm-up: 15.5km

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  1. You were dripping almost as much as Christopher. That's saying something!