Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Madness - or Looping the Loop!

The weather is stunning at the moment - cool mornings and gorgeous sunny days in the mid to late 20s. Today was no exception. In fact it was positively hot as Miranda, Geoff and I ran the 8km warm up at 4.30pm when it was still 26deg. We ran a slightly different route from usual crossing the roads at pedestrian crossings down to the lake and then on towards Kingston for 4km before turning and running back again. It was a mad rush for a cold drink before the main session started at 5.30pm.
To start this we ran another warm-up loop of Parliament House before heading for the start of 900m undulating loops where we ran 100m slow, 200m fast x 3 within each loop. We ran this four times plus a warm-up loop of the route and a warm-down loop of the route. Then we ran another in and out loop of PH before heading back to the carpark. It was quite a tough, long session but interesting and fun - a good start to the week.
Total distance for evening: 17km

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  1. You did well. Jennifer is the only Goose I'd accuse of looping the loop.