Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Weston Park Summer Series in Autumn

Yes, a bit of a misnomer really, as yesterday was the first day of Autumn and the temperature has continued to drop. It was pleasantly cool this evening for the run at Weston Park. I met up with Ewen before the race and we had a short warm up followed by some 60m drills:
2 x run throughs
2 x schoolyard skipping
1 x run through
2 x high skips
1 x run through
2 x flat foot marching
1 x run through
2 x high knees
1 x run through
2 x butt kicks
1 x run through to finish off
Then a short run to the start before we lined up for the 5km run.
It was an undulating uneven course but there was a bit of downhill in the second half and there was quite a lot of shade which was great.
Distance of run: 5km
Time taken: 26:13
Average pace: 5:24
Place: 82
This was better than last week but still a bit slow. Each week the course is different so it's a bit hard to compare times.
After the race Susan, Geoff, Richard, Ewen and I ran a 2.5km slow warm down with plenty of chatting - lots of fun.
Total distance for night: 11.23km (oops - we should have rounded it up!)


  1. It was a fun afternoon, and you're right about the weather - perfect for running. A bit cool for standing around after chatting!

    The course wasn't that easy, so 26:13 is a good run - esp after yesterday's killer sprints!

  2. That should have been 'Monday's killer sprints'.

  3. Hi Strewth,
    congrats for improving your running time.
    Nice training again to you and your running group.

  4. Strewth you're a champion! I'd do schoolyard skipping too but the caretaker keeps chasing me away from the school.