Sunday, March 07, 2010

Skipping in the Rain!

This afternoon I met up with Jen and Ewen at Parliament House for a drills session. Ewen and I ran a warm up loop round PH before Jen joined us and we ran another warm-up and down to the flat grass in front of the Portrait Gallery. It was raining lightly at this stage and we found a grassy verge near the road. We ran 3 x 60m strides before our drills as follows:
2 x schoolyard skipping
2 x high skips
2 x flat foot marching
2 x high knees
2 x butt kicks
2 x carioca
Ewen also did 2 x 60m skip kicks while Jen and I did an extra couple of schoolyard skipping drills.
In between each set we ran 60m strides.
As it was a long weekend to celebrate Canberra's 97th birthday there were a number of curious tourists and cars slowed with several comments being called out as we skipped in the rain. As the rain became heavier we moved to the slight shelter of trees to finish our drills and Ewen decided to video our leg movements - slowly and speedier. See Video with Ewen's comments.

We then jogged to the Portrait Gallery for the all-important coffee and cake feeling rather soggy from the rain. We sat outside under shelter and watched the rain falling more and more heavily before we stepped back into it and ran back to PH - drenched but pleased with our efforts. I had to run about an extra km to make up my distance for the week.
Total distance for today: 10.54km
Total distance for week: 93.36km (yay!)


  1. That's an very good week Strewth, as well you now have a good body guard. If he can actually keep his eyes in the right places. I needed him on Sunday, those girls had long legs, and nice ( insert your other favourite body parts ) as well. But can they run ? Me thinks not, some had been to the gym recently, and then applied the fake tanning lotion.

  2. You should have rounded it up to 93.4k ;) It was a fun afternoon. I finished the video - interesting!