Monday, March 01, 2010

Lots of honking but no frisbees!

I met up with speedycoach, Miranda, Jen and Ewen for the early speedygeese session where we ran a new route out to Mugga Way, Girls' Grammar School, Red Hill and back to Parliament House. There was a bit of wind but it was mainly slightly cooler than usual and quite pleasant. Today is the first day of Autumn and the temperature has dropped accordingly!
We met the main group back at PH at 5.30pm to run just under 2km warm up loops of PH before heading for the sloping grass in front of PH where we selected a couple of people of similar speed for relay teams of three. I was in a team with Miranda and Ewen. We ran fast diagonally down the grass, tagged our team member, then ran a gentle jog across the straight before being tagged by our next team member and running up the straight slope as fast as possible to tag again and jog across the short straight at the top. It was fast and steady for 30mins with little rest between sprints.
Tonight there were no frisbee throwers to just miss us as we sped across the grassy diagonals but there was plenty of honking from the geese when someone was running in the opposite direction or we were cheering on other team members. It was fun!
Total distance: 16km


  1. Maria, Helen, Bronwyn, Rachelle all told me they enjoyed the session too. But the cooler temperature really helped I think.

  2. We turned at Boys' Grammar! Girls' Grammar was on the way back - didn't you see all the girls sitting on the footpath?!

    Yes, a fun session. I like short.