Sunday, March 28, 2010

Vets' Monthly Handicap at Stromlo

This morning our monthly handicap race was back at Stromlo Forest Park. I ran just over a couple of km warm up with Miranda and Ewen which helped loosen up my rather stiff, sore legs. Miranda ran off Group 24 and I didn't catch her, I ran off Group 25 and Ewen ran off Group 26 and didn't catch me! However Steve and CJ caught and passed us all on the return loop. The course started with the same course as the cross country then we ran out on an undulating dirt track and turned at 4km running the cross country course in the opposite direction which involved a very steady climb in the last 2km. In fact the majority of the course was undulating and pretty tough in the humidity. We were all dripping wet at the end. I was surprised that I didn't feel much worse after yesterday's run. In fact after the warm up I didn't feel too bad although the last 2km was a bit of a struggle!
Later Mr B and I joined Janene, Heidi, Ewen and Ken for a very pleasant coffee and light brekkie in Weston. I always enjoy the vets' monthly handicaps as it's fun catching up with so many inspiring running friends.
Handicap group: 25
Finish place: 69 (out of 104 finishers)
Total distance of race: 8km
Time taken: 45:45
Average pace per km: 5:43
Calories burned: 473
Total distance including warm-up: 10.5km
Total distance for week: 95km

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  1. You can chalk that one up as a "win"... like I chalked up the win against Speedygeoff on Tuesday ;)