Monday, March 08, 2010

Start of an easy week!

Tonight there was a record number of speedygeese for a public holiday both at the early session at 4.30pm and the main session at 5.30pm. Today was Canberra Day and there were a lot of tourists in the PH grounds. There were nine of us at the early session including Mr B as he didn't have squash tonight. It was also Liz' first visit and it was great to have her there. Our warm-up session was at a faster pace than usual with Liz, speedycoach, Jen, Craig and Andy leading the way. Yelena, Ewen and I ran behind and we ran to Kingston for 4km where we turned and ran back to Parliament House to make a total of 8km.
Here we did some necessary stretching before the main session.
Next it was another warm-up loop of PH before running to the western side and running 12 x 40 secs sprints in two different spots with 40 secs recovery. I didn't push myself as my hamstring was very niggly tonight and this is supposed to be an easy week with the half marathon on Sunday.
We finished with a warm-down loop and more stretching.
Total distance: 15km


  1. Found your blog Strewth! Hope you don't mind if I drop in from time to time. Nurse that hamstring.

  2. You forgot the bit about being ambushed near the Aboriginal Embassy!

    It was good to have the new starters, including Liz - we didn't see much of her - she was too fast!

  3. Congrats on winning the spiral aeries, for this season.

  4. Well done on your Weston Creek 1/2 marathon - more good prep for the marathon in May. Hope you have recovered well.

  5. Lucky you to run in a running group, the poor Black Knight is always alone (maybe is he too scary?).