Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Last of the Summer series

6.30am - Gym - upper body strength work
6.15pm - Stromlo Forest Park - Last summer series race
I arrived in plenty of time for a warm up which I ran with speedychief - just a couple of the short loops of the course. After the race I ran a warm down with Ewen and the other Geoff. The grass was a bit more spongy tonight but the ground was still uneven and required some caution to avoid turning ankles! I ran the first lap of the race with speedycoach and we talked all the way. After that I thought I should make a concerted effort to catch a few people so I chased Cathy and Graeme and passed them as they were taking it easy after their amazing 6' track effort last weekend. Next I aimed to catch Caroline but she put on a last minute burst of speed and I came in two places behind her.
It was a lovely evening but there was a bit of wind which was annoying.
Distance of race: 5km
Time taken: 27:15
Average pace per km: 5:27
Place: 72nd (out of 90)
Total distance for evening: 8km

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