Thursday, June 22, 2006

20 second repeats

speedygeoff's running session
Location: Dickson Oval
Distance: 8km approx
Time: 42mins

I accidentally pressed the start button on Gandalf tonight before I had recorded the session and suddenly I heard "beep beep beep" and a signal appeared saying "distance alert". This has never happened before. Gandalf was going crazy. I pressed the stop button which recorded 21km - oops! From memory we ran about 8km tonight or just over.

Session as follows:
Warm up of 2 loops of the entire oval
Main set: 20secs fast, 20secs jog repeated for 20mins.
Warm down loop of oval

speedygeoff blew his whistle after every 20secs. Fortunately 20secs doesn't take long, either fast or slow, but gee the 20mins seemed a long time. When he called out "7 minutes left" I wondered how I would make it to the end but I did and I really pushed myself on the fast bits. Marg was there tonight so it was great to have the company and the competition at about my pace which makes me try really hard especially as I'm usually lapped by everyone else! I was seriously stuffed at the end but it felt good. I thought it was a really good session.


  1. Sounds like a very tough session, specially because the recovery jogs are too short, but nice you can share this sessions with friends :)

    Thanks for the banana explanation and btw the 16 mile run went great, thanks!!

  2. Remind me to show you how to set your watch so it stops recording when you stop - makes life so much easier. Maybe Sunday?

  3. That's one way to achieve a long run. :-)

    That is really "ODD" at work on your Gandalf, better get him checked out by the medics.

  4. That man Geoff is a hard task master but I am sure he is getting the best out of you. As Friar says, Gandalf is being naughty. I'd give him a spanking actually.