Thursday, June 08, 2006

Intervals and Weights

I couldn't make it to sprint training at the oval tonight as I had to attend a Board Meeting. I really don't like missing my running sessions.

Morning - Windtrainer

Session: Intervals

5 min warm up
1 min moderate/2 mins hard repeated 7 times
5 min cool down

total of 32 mins

It was hard work and I was dripping wet literally when I dismounted that bike. I then followed this with several stretches.

Yoga - lots and lots of great stretches. We also spent an extra long time on the shoulder stand doing all sorts of variations upside down. I always love the feeling after completing the shoulder stand as I know that last beautiful ten minutes is coming up when I almost fall asleep!!

Thursday - 7am
Resistance Training

I met up with a personal trainer at the gym just to ensure that I was using the machines and doing the exercises correctly. He was really helpful. Mr B had me on the right track but I was shown a variation of the chest press which is easier for me with my bad wrists.

10 mins warm-up on stationery bike


single arm DB Row - 2 x 15reps
Bench chest press - 2 x 15reps
Body squat with Swiss ball - 2 x 15 reps
DB Side Lateral raises - 2 x 15reps
DB Biceps Curl - 2 x 15reps
Triceps Cable pushdown - 2 x 15reps

Stretches after each complete exercise

Evening (after Board Meeting)

3 x 15 crunches
3 x 15 reverse crunches

Tomorrow morning I have another interval training session scheduled and on Sat I plan a long run.

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