Monday, June 19, 2006

Week 3 of my 12-week Program

Today I took a day off work so that I could spend time with Mr B on his last day before his overseas trip. It was great to have a bit of a sleep-in as I did stay up until 3.30am to watch the soccer - a very unusual scenario for me. We had all the family over for a birthday/farewell dinner last night and it was such a great night. I think I was on a bit of a high and quite wide awake until about 2.30am when I was starting to nod off a bit but I did manage to watch til the end of the game even though we lost! While Mr B had some last minute business to do in the city this morning I went to the gym. I managed to increase my weights.

10 mins warm-up on stationery bike
Single Arm DB Row - 3 x 15
Chest Press - 4 x 15 (I used a heavier weight for the last rep - I will normally do 3 x 15)
Body Weight Squat with Swiss ball - 2 x 20
DB Static Lunge - 2 x 15
DB Side Lateral Raise 1 x 15 then increased weight and managed 1 x 10 (ouch)
DB Biceps Curl - 2 x 15
Triceps Cable pushdown - 2 x 15
Abs - 3 x 15 crunches; 3 x 15 reverse crunches
Stretches between each set

This session took well over an hour and after a shower I met up with Mr B for lunch (a yummy chicken salad).

Evening - Running at Parliament House with speedygeoff's group
Distance: 9km
Calories: 533
Session: Warm-up of two loops of PH and stretches then we ran to the lower part of the grassy bank in front of PH where we ran 5 laps one way and then 5 laps in reverse running at 60% on the downhill, 70% on the cross slope, 85% on the uphill slope and back to 40% on the short cross straight back to the start - approximately! It was a solid session and I tried very hard to run as fast as I could on the uphills. We ran mainly on the grass which is a bit easier for the legs but tougher to get the speed. After the main set we ran another warm down loop of PH. Of course it was lovely to have a chat to Griffin later. He hasn't been to training for a while so it was good to catch up again.

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