Monday, June 12, 2006

Monday Manic Monday!

Talk about filling every minute of the day! Yesterday we spent the day with Talia and had a wonderful time spoiling her rotten - movies, Maccas, rides, toyshop, playing at our house - a full-on day which we made specially for her and we all had a ball!

Today was a "fitness" day. This morning I did my full-body workout at home as my gym wasn't open on a public holiday. The only exercise I can't do at home is the Triceps pull-down curl. Everything else is possible with a few improvisations.

10 mins warm-up on windtrainer
Single Arm Dumb-bell (DB) Row - 3 x 15
(I used two chairs for this and my own weights)
Chest Press on the Swiss ball - 3 x 15
Body Weight Squat on Swiss ball - 2 x 20
DB Static Lunge - 2 x 15
DB Side Lateral Raise - 2 x 15
DB Biceps Curl 2 x 15
3 x 15 crunches
3 x 15 reverse crunches

I followed this with brekkie then Mr B and I decided to go for a bike ride as it was a sunny day - damn cold but sunny! I dusted off the cobwebs on the bike and Mr B had to use pliers on the valve on the front wheel as it wouldn't pump up. However he solved the problem, at least temporarily and wearing all the appropriate warm cycle gear we set off on a gentle ride down round Lake Ginninderra. On the way we said "hi" to a very friendly couple on their bikes cycling in the opposite direction and it wasn't until we were past them that Mr B realised it was FlashDuck and FlashDrake! Happy Birthday to FD today and what a gorgeous day to have a birthday. It took ages to warm-up but the sun was shining and you have to feel good out there under that blue sunny sky! I enjoyed the ride and decided I really must get back into this on sunny days.

Activity: Cycle
Distance: 17.17km
Time taken: 56 mins (definitely gentle)
Fastest pace: 30kph
Calories: 264

Next activity was the running session at Parliament House at 5.30pm. There were only 7 of us at training tonight probably because it was a public holiday. Lovely to have speedygeoff safely back with us from Queensland. Brrrr, it was cold. Tonight the weather prediction is minus 3 and I'm sure we were feeling the start of it out there running. Tonight's session was a sort of fartlek session. We ran a warm-up loop of PH, stretched then ran in the opposite direction half way round where we proceeded to do fast stretches randomly throughout the session, fast stretches, a slow recovery run, fast then slow intermingled with a couple of sharp grassy hill runs up the side of PH to the roof and back. We finished the session with a gentle large loop. I so enjoyed my hot shower when I arrived home tonight!

Activity: Run
Distance: 9km
Calories: 554
Location: Parliament House


  1. Wow! What a HUGE day. Don't you just love public holidays - but gee, you are going to sleep very well tonight, LOL!

  2. Isn't it hard to do a ride in the cold? I find uncomfortable even a small fresh breeze. I have to work on speed... Looks like I am a tortle in all sports :)fnjzyn