Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Mr B has left the country!

Photo from Terry Fox Run - note the CR outfits. You can see Allrounder in her CR gear on the right near the front and I'm in my CR singlet and cap near the front on the left.

This morning I took Mr B to the airport to catch his plane to Sydney then on to Paris. His flight was supposed to leave at 9.40am but it was 2pm before he finally arrived in Sydney as the flight was delayed several times. Fortunately his connecting flight in Sydney didn't leave until 3.30pm. So now he's somewhere up there in the sky flying to Paris and I miss him already! Seven weeks is a long time!

After work I climbed on my windtrainer and did the following session which just about had me falling over in a ball of perspiration. My legs were very wobbly when I climbed off that bike.


5 mins warm up
30 mins intervals - 1 min moderate/2 mins hard (repeated 10 times)
5 min cool down

I miscounted and did an extra interval so my total time was 45 mins when it should have been 40mins. It was such hard work! Tomorrow morning I have a gym session and tomorrow night it's yoga. I hope all this is doing something productive!


  1. nice photo Strewth. Where did you get it?

  2. Oh yes seven weeks sound too long, but still they will fly away.
    I shoud be able to so a speed session like that, I still have to recover too long after the effort. You just take one minute :O